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Dear Customers,

this is our monthy newsletter for October 2022.

A really special month as Spiel direkt eg is celebrating its 10th anniversary.
Within the last 10 years we have grown from 5 founding members to currently more than 80 publishers and thus have a wide range of games on offer. With you as a customer, we were able to assert ourselves on the market and are now a major player in the German board game wholesale trade.
As every year, our highlights catalog is now available again, which is even more extensive than in previous years. Discover some of the highlights for yourself here and feel free to display the catalog in your shop.
A huge thank you for the good cooperation. We look forward to many more years together with new challenges, moments of happiness and lots of good board games.
Your team at Spiel direkt eG

Also a reason to celebrate is the innoSPIEL award for Hey Yo from Oink Games. Congratulations.

New and now available:

  • Findorff from 2F-Spiele
  • Combi-Nations from Cwali
  • All Stars Playlist and Formula from Formula Games
  • Kohle & Kolonie 2nd Edition from SpieleFaible
Available again:
  • 1st & Roll, Hearts of AttrAction, Times Up, Times Up Titel Recall, Pyramid Poker and Homestretch from R & R Games
New for pre-order:
  • StegegetS Moomin from Ion Game Design
Outlook for November:

From 21st November on the prices for all games from Ion Game Design are going to increase.

Expected to be available in November:
  • Peak Oil: Profiteer from 2 Tomatoes Games
  • Bandida, Bandido and Zen Masterfrom CwHelvetiqali
  • Scout EN from Oink Games
  • DiceWar - Bond of Demons, DiceWar - Rise of Xeladron, DiceWar - Rise of Xeladron Würfelset, DiceWar - Roots of Mali und DiceWar - Roots of Mali Würfelset von Suncoregames
You can place a pre-order here.


Bilingual edition (English & German) - including a challenging solo game!

Idea of the game
is one of the 23 districts of Bremen, the hometown of Friedemann Friese. Findorff has three “F”s and is named after Jürgen Christian Findorff (1720–1792), who was responsible for draining and surveying the bog in the north of Bremen, for extracting the peat, and for populating the bog with residents.

In Findorff, the game, you build up the district of Findorff in the period from 1803 to 1916. Historically, six major railway stations stood in Findorff during this period to connect to Hannover, Hamburg, Oldenburg, and Bremerhaven. While three of them were replaced by a single big main train station, you raise the other three rail stations at one of the two main roadbeds. Besides using boats on the peat canal, this small railway helped to transport even more peat from the bog in the north of Bremen to Findorff. During the first half of the 19th Century, peat was the most important commodity for heating the houses and for supplying energy to the industry. In the late 19th century (and in the game), peat lost its importance once when replaced by the energy-rich coal.

The new concepts of Findorff
Findorff offers an economic engine builder with a resource market for peat known from Power Grid and an innovative resource management required when building rail tracks and houses in Findorff. Your focus is on raising the right combination of the 25 historical structures from the period of 1803 to 1916. Do you raise the Reed Chair Factory or the Slaughterhouse to gain a lot of thalers, or smaller structures like Schools, the Beer Hall, or the Peat Skipper Shelter to win the game in small steps. You can even profit from the high mortality rate of this period by running a Cemetery.

Only by adapting your strategy to your structures you honor Mr. Findorff, and win the game when the roadbed to Hamburg is finished.

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Spiel direkt eG.

Each player transforms a desolate landscape into florishing forests, grasslands, cities and lakes, combined with matching facilities.

Players start with a sandy desolate land shape.
During the game you cultivate your landscape with FORESTS, GRASSLANDS, CITIES, LAKES and FACILITIES.

The LAND tiles contain 1, 2 or 3 hexagons (there are 3 differently shaped tiles with 3 hexagons). Each hexagon is 1 of the 4 LAND types or 1 of the 24 different FACILITIES.

Each player has an ARROW pawn for selecting LAND tiles from the available open tiles around the MARKET board.
1st: In your turn you move your ARROW, in the direction it points, around the MARKET board, to 1 of the first 3 tiles in front of your ARROW.
2nd: The number of steps you moved your ARROW, determines which new tile will be placed, open, at the spot where your ARROW came from.
3rd: Take the tile by your ARROW and place the tile on SAND spaces in your country, adjacent to at least 1 LAND or FACILITY hexagon.

At the end of the game, players get victory points for FORESTS, GRASSLANDS, CITIES and LAKES (the larger the area, the more points it gives), and for each FACILITY according to its specific score rule. Minus remaining open spaces (sand hexagons).

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Spiel direkt eG.

Egal, ob du jetzt DJ auf einer Party bist oder einfach nur im Schlafanzug ein bisschen Musik hören möchtest, in jeder Situation kannst du eine gute Playlist gebrauchen. Bei All Stars Playlist dreht sich alles um Musik und das Erstellen der perfekten Playlist. Natürlich müssen die Songs in deiner Playlist zusammenpassen, du kannst nicht einfach jedes beliebige Lied hinzufügen.

Dieses Partyspiel ist ein lustiges Set-Sammelspiel mit einem Twist. Wenn du deinen Zug beendest, musst du mindestens 2 Zeilen des letzten Liedes, das du zur Playlist hinzugefügt hast, singen oder summen, oder jemand anderes kann versuchen, die Karte zu stehlen. Wenn du nicht so musikalisch bist oder einfach nur ein schnelles Kartenspiel spielen möchtest, kannst du das Stehlen auslassen. Es macht trotzdem noch Spaß, zu sehen, ob jemand das Lied kennt.

Spiel direkt eG.

Formula ist ein perfektes Gesellschaftsspiel für Schulen, Ferien oder zuhause. In erster Linie handelt es sich um ein unterhaltsames Spiel, aber gleichzeitig hat es etwas Einzigartiges an sich: Es handelt sich nämlich um ein mathematisches Spiel. Allerdings sind sich die Kinder gar nicht bewusst, dass sie rechnen; sie spielen einfach nur ein unterhaltsames Spiel.

Das Ziel des Spiels ist es, als erster alle Karten abzulegen. Um die Karten loszuwerden wird eine Formel erstellt und das Ergebnis gelegt.

Dieses Konzept ist simpel und bietet endlose Möglichkeiten. Es gewinnt nicht unbedingt derjenige, der am besten in Mathe ist, und deshalb macht es Spaß, immer weiterzuspielen.

Außerdem enthält die Neuauflage das Erweiterungsset. Negative Zahlen, Brüche, Quadrat, Quadratwurzel und mehr Operatoren machen das Spiel anspruchsvoller, sodass Formeln auf beiden Seiten des "="-Zeichens erstellt werden können. Die Karten der Erweiterung können dem Grundspiel variabel hinzugefügt werden.

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Welcome to the island kingdom of Aeolos! The ruler of the winds has invited you to compete with other sailors. Whoever receives the most recognition in Olympus will be accepted as a favorite in the league of the gods. But remember: when sailing, you are dependent on the capricious winds of the mighty Aeolos. Like the legendary Odysseus, make sure that your windbag is always well filled.

In seven harbors you shall establish settlements, build ships and collect sacred crystals. Sail your ships upstream to the temples of the winds to offer sacrifices. Or send your prophet on a journey across the sacred mountain to invoke Olympus and tell of your great deeds. By cleverly combining sailing cards, your ships will set out on their journey. On the way, your windbag fills up. Use it wisely and keep an eye on the other sailors - because on the islands of the winds you are constantly fighting against time.

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Spiel direkt eG.

KOHLE & KOLONIE takes 3-5 players to the southern Ruhr region at the beginning of the Industrial Revolution. The players acquire mine fields and operate mining with small and individual mines in the area of today's cities of Essen, Hattingen, Bochum and Witten. They try to expand their mines and operate them profitably. Of course, it is important to draw the necessary labor force to operate the mines from the surrounding villages and farming communities.
In the course of time, the small collieries are merged ("consolidated") into large collieries. Here, the players have to use money at the right time to take over the entire mine field of the large colliery.
They compete not only with the other players, but also with the coal syndicate.
No colliery can operate without infrastructure. Therefore, the players also focus on the local railroad networks and expand them.

Kohle & Kolonie was the second game in author Thomas Spitzer's coal trilogy after Ruhrschifffahrt. It was followed as the third part by the game Haspelknecht.
Long out of print, Kohle & Kolonie is now available again by popular demand in a revised new version. After Schichtwechsel (2021), this is the second game title by Thomas Spitzer to be published by Spielefaible.

Spiel direkt eG.

Now all the plays are in the palm of your hand. Is it time to rush, pass or kick? Call the shots by using the Play die you want. Picking the right plays could get a lot of yardage ... unless the defense sets up correctly to shut it down. Fumbles, interceptions, sacks, penalties, deep passes, breakaway runs ... IT'S ALL IN HERE!

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What happens when Cupid shoots his … magnet?? Hearts of AttrAction™ is the fun and flirty version of our original AttrAction™ game, where skill, strategy and a little bit of luck results in a chain reaction of magnetic proportions! Hearts of AttrAction™ is fun to play with anyone, anytime, anywhere. So get ready to prove just how irresistibleyou are. Cupid’s got nothing on you!

  • A clever offshoot of one of our top sellers!
  • Heart shaped magnets create amazing, unique reactions during gameplay.
  • Super easy rules, start playing in less than a minute!
  • Portable, can play virtually anywhere!
  • Add multiple sets together for bigger groups and large surfaces.

Spiel direkt eG.

The party-perfect celebrity charades game that builds the laughter and excitement in three hilarious rounds. You have 30 seconds to get your team to guess as many celebrity names in the Deck of Fame as possible. Round 1, say or do anything; Round 2, use just one word; and Round 3, gestures only ... no words allowed! Comes with over 850 names, the basic sand timer, PLUS rules for a 4th round of "freeze-frame" fun and laughter! Winner of Party Game of the Year and a host of other awards!

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It's the TITLE RECALL edition of our popular Time's Up! game! The party-perfect charades game that builds up the laughs and excitement in 3 hilarious rounds. Time is ticking as you try to get your partner to guess as many famous TV shows, songs, movies, books and more in the Deck of Fame as possible. Rounds get trickier as the game goes on. Can you describe Dazed & Confused? How about it just one word? Great, but now it's round three ... Be Dazed & Confused! Time's Up TITLE RECALL is the perfect party game, a great family game, and was voted Best Party Game by the experts at

Spiel direkt eG.

Pyramid Poker is a quick head to head game that takes your ancient Grand-Pharaoh’s Poker to whole new levels. Each player takes turns placing blocks to assemble the pyramid. Once it’s completed, players begin dismantling the pyramid, taking a block each turn as they attempt to create their best 3 Poker hands. Win 2 of the 3 match-ups to be master of the Pyramid!

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Brings All the Excitement of the Racetrack to Your Home! Buy your own stable of horses and race them at various courses. Bet on horses to win, place, or show and collect big race purses when your horse wins! Over 20 unique track cards are included so every game will be different. Luck and skill in picking the winning horses can bring y ou riches. Homestretch is a fast-paced family game that will have you shouting for your horse to make it across the finish line!

  • Children and adults can play together, good for all ages and families.
  • Randomly dealt race track cards make it a different game each time.
  • Well balanced mix of strategy and luck.
  • Easy to learn, plays quickly.
  • Captures the excitement of the track as any horse can win!

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Spiel direkt eG.

At the Spiel direkt eG you will find a unique range of games of exceptional publishers.
Just have a look.

Best regards
the team of the Spiel direkt eG
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