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Dear Customers,

this is our monthy newsletter for September 2022.

New and now available:

  • Fancy Feathers from 2F-Spiele
  • World Facts 2nd Edition from Haas Games
  • Discordia from Irongames
  • Lucktales from Loosey Goosey Games
  • Tokan, Zwei Wege and Süss ! from Steffen-Spiele
Available again:
  • Scout from Oink Games
  • Palavan from Steffen-Spiele
New for pre-order:
  • Bios: Mesofauna, Bios: Mesofauna / Bios: Megafauna Neoprene Board, Galenus, Galenus Metal Coin, Interstellar Neoprene Mat, Vendel to Viking, Vendel to Viking Coins und Fluffy Frontier von Ion Game Design
Outlook for October:

From 6th October on the prices for Dice Upon a Time, Hexpanse and Invisible From Korona Games and Ostsee-Schach from Holstein-Spiele is going to be reduced.

Expected to be available in October:
  • Findorff from 2F-Spiele
  • Combi-Nations from Cwali
  • All Stars Playlist and Formula from Formula Games
  • Zoocracy from Haas Games
  • Little Tokyo from Heldbergs
  • Scout EN from Oink Games
  • DiceWar - Bond of Demons, DiceWar - Rise of Xeladron, DiceWar - Rise of Xeladron Würfelset, DiceWar - Roots of Mali und DiceWar - Roots of Mali Würfelset von Suncoregames
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Bilingual Edition (English & German)

The box sides show the English title FANCY FEATHERS

Idea of the game

In Fancy Feathers, by order of your baroness, you begin to search for noble pheasants for the pheasantry, moving along a path via a simply but really tricky mechanism, collecting valuable cards and avoiding annoying ones. Sadly, you are not alone. Snatch the most beautiful birds to finish the game with the most precious animal collection.

When playing Fancy Feathers, you always choose six of the twelve card types included in the game. Thus, you can play up to 924 different combinations!

The game box contains the components for 2 players.

Fasanerie offers also great fun for up to 6 players.
For up to 4 players you need 2 copies of the game. For up to 6 players you need 3 copies of the game.

Spiel direkt eG.

World–Facts is an entertaining and educational guessing game for 2-6 players aged 8 and up, designed by Simon Haas. Does Canada or Australia count more inhabitants? Does Rio de Janeiro or Sydney indicate a higher average temperature? And does London or Rome have more annual rainfall? These are just a few questions, where the players need to find an answer. TIn doing so it is not necessary to know the exact values, but rather to estimate and compare them in between different countries and cities. Through the different categories of questions the game offers a lot of variety and excitement.

Another special feature of World-Facts is its internationality. Via translations of all categories into 5 languages, global topics and the frequent use of symbols, World-Facts overcomes the usual focus of quiz games on just one language and culture. Thus, World-Facts is very suitable for international groups.

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Spiel direkt eG.

The first cities on the Rhine emerge from Roman outposts protecting the border with Germania.
As the governor of one of these cities, your task is to develop it in the best possible way, while also defending it against the Germanic tribes.
Empress Agrippina and her son Nero inspects your actions and honors the most successful governor.

In Discordia, you develop your city by building farms, barracks, defenses, harbors and markets, and by trading with ships.
Use your seamen, soldiers, merchants and farmers profitably, fulfill decrees and secure privileges. You must always act carefully, so that your city grows neither too fast nor too slow.
Will you have the best-developed city at the end of the fourth year, or will you manage to impress the empress before then and win the game early?

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Spiel direkt eG.

Lucktails is a baiting game of inconceivable chances.
Are you going to stick to your initial card or switch to one of the two in the middle of the table? Just because you will be taking a chance either way does not mean that you have to rely on blind luck. After all, the longer you "wait and bait" the more players will drop out of the round before you. Each card that they reveal means additional information for you.

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Spiel direkt eG.

Thirty red and black animals meet in the tightest space and in a randomly arranged pattern. With their nimble moves, players try to “eat” as many of the opponent’s animals as possible, and to keep alive their own animals. The only thing that counts is what remains at the end.

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Spiel direkt eG.

The hare, fox and hedgehog want to cross the clearing to reach the forest on the far side. However, they only arrive at their destination, if they are successful at hiding their intention to turn right or left at the next crossroads. The winner is the player whose three animals all arrive at the forest on the other side.

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Spiel direkt eG.

Indulgence with no regrets…
A sweet memo-mix for kids and grown-up sugar fans!
Hundreds and thousands, liquorice, chocolate, lollipops, biscuits, sugar mice, fruit gums, pralines, bonbons, sugar pies and many more are in the multicoloured game box.
Calories: zero
Health risks: zero
Side effects: chase away the boredom, strengthen the grey cells. Play according to familiar memory game rules.

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Spiel direkt eG.

SCOUT for the show!
You have suddenly been appointed as the leader of a circus. Using the members of your circus you must put together a show that will beat out your rivals. Everyone on your team has a specific role. To fill in the gaps on your team, try to scout members away from other circus groups! With the addition of just one extra person you may set off an incredible chain reaction that helps you create a show that no other circus will be able to surpass. Will you battle with your current members? Or will you wait it out and try to recruit different ones? You will feel amazing when you make the right choices in this speedy card game!

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Spiel direkt eG.

A paradise island landscape is regrettably separated into different pieces. The aim is to connect the islands again!
At the basic level, the South Seas puzzle has multiple solutions and as many spellbinding panoramic views of the island. A player can choose to set the goal higher in challenging game variants in search of the perfect island.
PALAVAN is a mind-teasing game of solitaire. And there’s more! In the duo version, players take turns to place their tiles. The object is to lay out all personal tiles and to make life difficult for the opponent. Life can sometimes get mean, even in an island paradise ...

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