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Dear Customers,

Chrono Fall is the new game from Ornament Games.

In this cooperative connoisseurs games you are trying not less than safe humanity from the end of space and time.

The game will be available in April and you can already pre-order it.


In the 23rd century, humanity achieved prosperity and peace and spread far into the depths of the Galaxy. However, when its technological progress began to intervene in the timeline, it shook the stability of the space-time continuum. Humanity is now facing the Chrono Fall, the end of space and time! All over the Galaxy, rifts are appearing in the space-time continuum. As captains of the Space Research Cruisers (SPARCs), it is your mission to fight against impending doom, by gathering the necessary knowledge through research, as well as securing the urgently needed supply of resources for Earth. Only if the giant space station Protector is completed in time can the Universe be saved.
Chrono Fall: At the End of Space and Time is a co-operative game in which you have to develop joint strategies, improve your skills continuously, and react to unforeseen setbacks while planning ahead. As your energy supplies shrink and you run out of time, you could even influence future events – but do you really want to take the risks that come with it...?

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the team of the Spiel direkt eG
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