Newsletter 23-982:
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Dear Customers,

soon the time will come! In just over two weeks, Spiel'23 will begin in Essen.
You will find the publishers of Spiel direkt eG at the following locations.
(this overview is also available here as a PDF file).
Attached to this mail you will find the list as a PDF file.

Visit us in hall 3 booth Q101.
Please make an appointment with us here.
We are looking forward to your visit!

Hall 2

Loosey Goosey Games (2-A146)
with their novelties: Surfosaurus MAX und Lunar Laser Frogs

SPIEL DAS! (2-B100)
with their novelties: With a Smile and a Gun und For Sale

Perdix Spiele (2-B116)
with their novelty: What the Rule?!

Steffen-Spiele (2-B128)
with their novelties: Passo, Hopp, Push und Takla

Brain Games (2-B148)
with their novelties

Jumping Turtle Games (2-C106)
with their novelties

Heldbergs (2-C135)
with their novelties: Dan Dan Dan, Tokyo Poo Divers und Yubitsume

Board Game Circus (2-C142)
with their novelties: Grease Monkey Garage, Mythwind, Heimliche Herrschaft: Vergessenes Vermächtnis uvm

Korea Boardgames (2-C148)
with their novelties

Oink Games (2-E116)
with their novelties: Guck Wal, Nine Tiles Extreme und Town 77

Ornament Games (2-E136)
with their novelty: Chrono Fall: At the End of Space and Time

Hall 3

Frosted Games (3-B116)
with their novelties: Klappe & Action!, UnbezwingabrWild Tails, Zum grauslichen Greif uvm

Skellig Games (3-C120)
with their novelties: Block and Key, Come Together, Corduba, Décorum, Kingscraft, Pirate Tales, Punktestadt, Septima, Voidfall uvm

Suncoregames (3-E125)
with their novelty: Sssnake

2F-Spiele (3-G128)
with their novelties: Black Friday, Freaky Frogs from Outaspace, FTW?!, Faiyum Privilegien und Fasanerie Es wird bunter

Portal Games (3-H102)
with their novelties

OSTIA Spiele (3-H115)
with their novelties

XOLLOX Games (3-H122)
with their novelty: The FOG - Escape from Paradise

Spiel direkt eG (3-Q101)
make an appointment with us here. We are looking forward meeting you!

Qango (3-Q111)
with their novelties

Sphinx Spiele (3-R102)
with their novelties

Seajay Games (3-R102)
with their novelties

2Tomatoes Games (3-S102)
with their novelty: Islet

Feuerland Spiele (3-S120)
with their novelties: Age of Innovation, Arche Nova Wasserwelten und Expeditions

Irongames (3-U100)
with their noveltiy: Discordia Magna

Wonderbow Games (3-V101)
with their novelty: Wilde Wesen

Ion Game Design (3-W111)
with their novelties

Strohmann Games (3-W130)
with their novelties: Autobahn, Beyond the Sun: Leaders of the New Dawn, Marvel Remix, Ready Set Bet, Sabika und Windjammern

Blue Cocker Games (3-Y120)
with their novelties

Hall 4 (4-D106)
with lots of gaming material

Spielefaible (4-F128)
with their novelty: Bier Pioniere

Spielköpfe (4-F131)
with their novelties: Erfinderinnen Memo und Queer Allyship

Helvetiq (4 H125)
with their novelties

Taverna Ludica Games (4-J129)
with their novelties

Sunny Games (4-J130)
with their novelties

Gaiagames (4-J132)
with their novelty: Fish 'n' Flips

Hall 5

Game Division (5-A107)
with their novelties: Rookie, Viva und Wolf Pack

Mundi Games (5-B113)
with their games

FunForge (5-D116)
with their novelties

Piatnik (5-G111 / GA 56)
with their novelties: Raccoon Tycoon, Art Gallery, Itzi Blitzi Bäm, Ross the Boos, Team Time Crime, Smart 10 Österreich, Crime Scene uvm

Cwali (5-H116)
with their novelty: Chatuchak

Nice Game Publishing (5-L123)
with their novelties: Empire's End, Jekyll & Hyde vs Scotland Yard, VIP RIP, Tough Calls: Nach dem Untergang Notfälle und Herausforderungen, ADELE (2. Edition)

Paco Sako (5-M105)
with their games

Formula Games (5-M126)
with their novelties: Blocky und Robo Factory

Crimson Company (5-N123)
with their novelties

At the Spiel direkt eG you will find a unique range of games of exceptional publishers.
Just have a look.

Best regards
the team of the Spiel direkt eG
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