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Dear Customers,

we warmly welcome our new member Doppeldenkspiele with the game Plutocracy.

The connoisseurs game Plutocracy lets you travel from planet to planet with your space ship in order to buy and sell resources. But the planets keep moving. Also you need to strengthen your position in the Plutocratic Council by sending Councelors there.

The game are already available.


In Plutocracy, 2 to 4 players lead each one of the big trading corporations and will travel from planet to planet to buy and sell resources. By selling at a higher price than buying, players will earn money (Space Euros S€).
They need S€ to buy seats in the planetary parliaments.
In each of the 3 elections during the game, players that have a majority in a planetary parliament will send Councilors to the Plutocratic Council.
Equally important as the elections are the Societies on Earth: players that meet the conditions to join them while on Earth may also send Councilors to the Plutocratic Council.
The ultimate objective of each player is to have the most Councilors in the Plutocratic Council at the end of the game.

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Just have a look.

Best regards
the team of the Spiel direkt eG
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