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Dear Customers,

we warmly welcome our new member Korea Boardgames with the games H.I.D.E., King's Puch, Pile-Up Rush, Yummy Yummy Pancake and Nirvana.

In the deduction game H.I.D.E., the players try to disguise their identity as spies and at the same time expose the others.

In King's Puch the players try to build up their kingdom with the available resources and to use their citizens cleverly in order to have the most prestige points at the end.

The skill game Pile-Up Rush challenges two players or teams to place as many tiles as possible on a common platform. Not so easy with the crooked shapes.

The family game Yummy Yummy Pancake requires good observation and skill. Pancakes are flipped in a pan and then the puzzling starts. Where was which topping? Whoever can claim the most pancakes at the end wins the game.

In Nirvana, you roll the dice to create cards, which you in turn play. The first to play all the cards wins

Except for Nirvana, all games are already available.
Nirvana is expected to be released in Q3 2023 and can be pre-ordered now.


Real or fictional? It's not clear, but in the world of secret agents exists a legendary figure. He never failed any mission, and no enemies who met him could avoid facing death. No matter how trivial missions are, he is the sole agent who carries them through. For this reason, he was given a secret code name: The Legend.

Today the world's secret agents are up to surpass him. However, all of them are well aware that in this field, they are not the only competitors. Therefore, you need to choose wisely. Will you quickly raise your rank by eliminating competitors, or will you safely complete your mission by tightly hiding your identity and gathering money? But as with all things, not only your skills but a good dose of luck is needed to succeed. Indeed, which fate will bring the dice today upon the secret agent that you are?

H.I.D.E.: Hidden Identity Dice Espionage is a spy-themed dice game based on a deduction mechanism. By combining the information disclosed as the game goes on, try to find out other player's identity while hiding your own and gathering intel cards that are displayed in the middle of the play area. Each round you can choose by picking a die if you want to stay in the shadows or if you want to reveal some information about your identity while having the possibility to eliminate another spy. Whoever gathers the most money through intel cards or becomes the Legendary Spy wins.

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In King's Pouch you take the role of a feudal lord in a kingdom divided by internal strife. After the king's death, the powerful dukes and counts of the land are fighting for supremacy. You are one of these nobles, looking to write your name in the annals of history. You will use your citizens to develop your lands, muster armies, and amass wealth. You may even try to secure the goodwill of influential public figures, like the remainders of the royal family. But never forget to keep the dishonest parts of your society in check: Excessive corruption may lead to your downfall sooner than you think. The goal is clear!

But the path you take to get there is yours to decide: Will you be a peaceful protector of the royal family? Or maybe a warlord, taking what you want by force? Or will you fail to fulfill your ambitions and be lost among the anonymous masses? Take up the king's pouch and find out!

King's Pouch is a "pouch-building" strategy game set in a medieval kingdom. Each round offers tough choices on how to expand your pool of citizens and buildings. Using the resources you acquire, you may raise powerful armies or secure the support of powerful characters. In the game, you will use several kinds of citizens (cubes and prisms) in different ways, with the ultimate goal of earning prestige points. Your pool of citizens is represented by your pouch: You draw available citizens from there and return used citizens to the pouch only when you cannot draw any more because it is empty. (This concept is similar to the deck-building concept seen in other games.)

The game takes place over nine rounds. At the end of rounds 3, 6 and 9, a great council allows for the scoring of additional prestige points from influential characters and conquered territories. After the ninth round, the game ends with the third great council and a final scoring in which you can gain or lose points depending on your corrupt officials and buildings, then the player with the most prestige points wins.

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In Pile-Up Rush, two players (or teams, if you desire) compete to place odd items on a shared platform, trying not to knock the entire pile over. When a player makes the stack fall, the opponent chooses one of their pieces and keeps it, then they play another round. If you manage to place all of your pieces in the tower, then you get to keep one of the opponent's pieces and start another round.

The first player or team to capture four pieces wins!

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In Yummy Yummy Pancake, you're trying to identify pancakes in a frying pan, but were you paying enough attention to know what's there?

On a turn, a player lays out eight face-up tokens in a frying pan, and all other players get to see the toppings on these pancakes. Then the active player attempts to flip as many pancakes as possible. (If they fail to flip more than two, the player can try again. If any pancakes leave the pan, they're returned to the pan face up.)

After flipping, the active player chooses a face-down pancake and a player. If this player can identify what's on the other side, they claim this pancake; otherwise the flipper keeps it. The flipper can continue to challenge players to remember pancakes or end their turn, in which case the next player refills the pan to eight face-up pancakes and takes their turn.

Once the pancake supply runs out, whoever has the most pancakes wins!

Spiel direkt eG.

Roll dice.
Play cards.
Liberate yourself.

In Nirvana, players first roll dice and sum up the values to create cards for a card game. Whoever gets rid of all their cards first wins!

In more detail, in the roll-and-write half of the game, a player rolls three dice, then all players write the values in a colored area on their board. Each player also has a limited ability to adjust the value of the dice in this round. Once complete, the players sum the columns on their sheet as shown to determine the ranks of the "cards" in their hand.

In the shedding half, the players play a game based on the traditional structure known as Daifugō, with the start player playing one or more cards of the same rank, and the other players then either passing or playing the same number of cards but of a higher rank. The first player to "play" all of their "cards" wins!

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