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Dear Customers,

the shoot-'em-up card game Dan Dan Dan from Heldbergs is now available.

As of now the shipping of all pre-orders starts.


The hilarious shoot-‘em-up card game for 2 to 4 players aged 14 and up.

Say good-bye to your old, boring identity and find yourself as member of the Tekiya (テキ屋)! They form Japan‘s more or less honourable group of food stall operators and hucksters. Once they‘ve paved the way for the notorious Yakuza, but no need to retire: the Tekiya are still around and active today and have never been complete Pariahs. They are like the weird uncle who has quite a dubious record but is still invited to every family party just because he belongs. And it is their world we enter for this magnificent game!

The history of the yakuza, tekiya and their colourful members goes back to the early 17th century. It is a wild story, crammed with smuggling, black market trade, prostitution, protection money and things of that kind. The nowadays heavily diminished yakuza society includes two clans: the Bakuto and Tekiya. While the former specialise in dubious Gambling and armed stock market dealings, the Tekiya devote themselves to nicer fields such as food, snacks and carny life.

The Tekiya families run their businesses in the ground of shrines or temples or in temple towns during festivals, markets, and fairs all over japan. Their stalls are called yatai (屋台) and must be described as delightfully colourful, quirky and heavily individual with a variety of delicious snacks and fun little games of chance for the whole family. Here you'll find the classics of Japanese fast food, such as takoyaki (たこ焼き), okonomiyaki (お好み焼き), frankfurters (フランクフルト) and wonderfully brightly coloured kakigori (かき氷). Popular games include shooting galleries called Shateki (射的), or Super Ball Sukui (スーパーボールすくい), where you go fishing for balls - and trade them for goldfish.

This finally brings us to the game.

…Ichien san of the kakigori stall claims to make the best shaved ice, while all the other guys merely hawk inferior crap. Man, that means trouble! Anyone who publicly puts himself above the others is breaking law and order. No Tekiya will ignore that.
But should you make a snitch out of yourself at the Oyabun and in the worst case lose your finger, Yubitsume style? No way! Breaking taboos is something you only do among yourselves – in an ominous corner of the park. And then, then, then it‘s dan ... dan ... dan (ダンダンダン)!! Which in our simple translation means „Bang, bang, bang!“. Here’s the good thing: Whoever survives the shootout of the gun toting brawlers will have a few more food stalls in the near future.

Quickly and in turn, you turn over cards from your own stack and place them face up in the centre of the table. There, a full arsenal
of handguns accumulates. Every time a loaded gun is pointed at two of you with its grip and barrel, a shootout takes place. If you are shot – or make a mistake beforehand – you are punished and must take all the cards from the centre of the table. You grease the police with the top card, the rest go face down under your stack. Then you continue the game by turning over a new card. And on it goes... The first player who has no cards left, wins the game.

In addition, various abstruse special cards fuel future game rounds and keep the game challenging. What more could you wish for?

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