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Liebe Kunden,

es gibt neue Spiele von Ion Game Design:

In dem Strategiespiel Pax Maleficum versucht ihr gegen die Hexenjagden vorzugehen und kämpft für Skeptizismus und religiöse Toleranz.

Als Areopagus versucht ihr in Pax Illuminaten das Heilige Römische Reich zu unterminieren und so die Grundlagen für eine erfolgreiche Revolution zu schaffen.

Das Expertenspiel Third Crusade lässt euch im dritten Kreuzzug interagieren. Welche Allianzen wirst du schmieden?

Wesentlich leichter geht es beim Familienspiel Kartini - From Darkness to Light zu. Hier könnt ihr im frühen 19 Jahrhungert für die Unabhängigkeit Indonesiens und mehr Frauenrecht kämpfen.

Die Spiele werden voraussichtlich im 3. Quartal 2024 erscheinen und können ab sofort vorbestellt werden.


Spiel direkt eG vertreibt nur die englische Version dieses Spiels, daher ist der nachfolgende Text auf Englisch.

Pax Maleficium
boardgame is a strategy game where you play as a leader in the fight against the 17th century English witch hunts. A person who through reason saw the wrong doings, the maleficium, in what the witch hunters pursued. A person dedicated to bringing this horrible practice to an end and making the witch hunters fall from grace.

You play as one of the persons that saw beyond the hysteria in the society concerning witchcraft. By promoting Enlightened thought, Religious tolerance and Legal skepticism you will succeed and eventually your work will lead to changes in the law. You do this by gathering evidence, confronting witch hunters, dispelling hysteria, and championing justice, securing your legacy as the one that ended the witch hunts.

Buy cards from the market to acquire allies and evidence. The allies in your tableau give you actions and influence. Position yourself on the map to take actions and challenge witch hunters. Calm hysteria and thwart your opponent’s plans.

The game can be played competitively, cooperative or as a solo game.

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Spiel direkt eG vertreibt nur die englische Version dieses Spiels, daher ist der nachfolgende Text auf Englisch.

Overall, the Conspire with rivals. Enlighten the World. A big game in a small box.

1776. Bavaria. You are an Areopagus, a disciple and founding member of the Bavarian Order of the Illuminati. Your charge: spread forbidden Enlightenment thinking into the highest reaches of the Holy Roman Empire, undermine its authority, and set the stage for revolution.

Pax Illuminaten is a crunchy boardgame that packs a lot of punch in a small box. A few key highlights of the design:

Players will explore a map of Luminary cards (18th-century figures) and build co-occupied connected networks as they try to accomplish game-winning plots.
The victory conditions change every game, with a high degree of interaction as players strive to outmaneuver their opponents to achieve the victory conditions first.
Multi-purpose and multi-suited cards create deep decisions and tough calls. Cards are used for building the map and accomplishing goals, resource generation, actions, and resolving battles between players.
Core mechanics include area control, territory/network building, and hand management. Mix in a dose of negotiation and double-think/bluffing, and you have Pax Illuminaten.
Overall, the game provides a unique, historical look at the theme combined with rich gameplay and relatively quick playtime, all in a compact package.

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Spiel direkt eG vertreibt nur die englische Version dieses Spiels, daher ist der nachfolgende Text auf Englisch.

Prosecute or defeat the third crusade in this card-driven war game. Command armies to seize resources, send emissaries to build alliances, and perform pious feats to ensure standing with the faith. But every choice has a cost. Players must tread a fine line between strengthening their position and granting too much power to their opponents over the events that shaped the conflict.

How to play?

In Third Crusade
, you play as an Army of either the Muslim or Crusader Alliance during the early 1190s. Your goal is to accumulate Glory through conquering and controlling Regions and defeating enemy Armies.

Sequence of play - Third Crusade is played over 3 years, divided into 4 rounds. Each round has 5 phases.
1. Strategy phase: Players strategically place Event Cards on the Bidding Board and choose cards for their opponents. Their choices will affect how many command points they get to spend on executing Orders.
2. Planning phase: Players alternate placing Orders until all players have passed.
3. Command phase: Players alternate activating an Event Card or an Order. Players Battle their opponents by trying to conquer each other's Regions, gaining Glory based on how well they succeed.
4. Diplomacy phase: Players bid for rewards on the Diplomacy Card and Board.
5. Upkeep phase: Players gain Glory and different resources.

If at any point during the game, an Alliance reaches 10 Glory points, the game is over.

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Spiel direkt eG vertreibt nur die englische Version dieses Spiels, daher ist der nachfolgende Text auf Englisch.

During Indonesia’s struggle for independence in early 1900, manage your school, graduate girls from different islands to become politicians, patrons, fighters and teachers themselves. Advance education for women and fight for the nation’s freedom.

Educated women are the pillars of a free nation.

How to play?

Sequence of play - Kartini is played over 3 Rounds. Each Round has 3 phases:

Action phase - In turn order, each player chooses to take 1 of the actions below. The available actions are:

  • Hire a Teacher
  • Recruit Puples
  • Register Students (requires a matching Puple)
  • Gather Books
  • Graduation
  • Advance on the “From Darkness to Light”- track
  • Pass

When all players have Passed, proceed to the Milestone phase.

Milestone phase

Score this Round’s Milestone

Clean up phase
  • Adjust your Reputation
  • Gain Duits based on Endowment level
  • Refresh the Student and Hero card rows
  • Refill the Islands with Puples
  • Return (or Flip in Co-op) any used Donate tokens

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