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Dear Customers,

Tokyo Poo Divers is the new game from Heldbergs.
Dive deep into the sewers and claim the most treasures before your opponents do.

Furthermore Little Tokyo and Yubitsume will be available in a brand new edition, soon. You can get them in four different colours, but the delivery will be random.

All games are available for pre-order.


Having to spend most of their time in the sewers, the lives of Tokyo's disreputable Poo Divers consistently suck. The lowest caste of all underdogs sits in the Shinjuku honky-tonk as they do every night after work, digesting their lost time. Delirious thoughts waft through cesspools, spilling into an endless nirvana of drunken stupor and hubris. The only fixed point of their blank stares is the smudged cup with the stomach ulcering mixed drinks of Don’t Ask and Definitely Don’t Ask. A hot, stuffy, yet wild vibe drools through the humid air. It drools saliva that the divers inhale and excrete again as armpit sweat.
The divers brag about their precious finds from Tokyo's sewers. In drunkenness, yellow slime hardens into gold ingots and rat poison mutates into cocaine. Or was there really a giant diamond that a courier frantically shat out shortly before the raid? What is the truth about the silver coins that Akito once claimed to have found? And did he really exist, that mummified politician Tanaka slurs about every night?
Two to four players get up close and personal with the secret society of Poo Divers. Take part in their stuffy discoveries and, like them, rejoice in every bit of dirt. In this world, all finds have equal value. But take the advice of a wise Poo Diver and keep your glued eyes open, lest some greedy asshole snatch the loot from under your nose.

Pre-order TOKYO POO DIVERS now at
Spiel direkt eG.

Little Tokyo in the 2nd edition! The game boxes come in 4 chic color variations (purple, pink, yellow and turquoise). Which color you get is decided by chance.

The decor of this game is reminiscent of Volker's great passion: Japan. We translate the name Little Tokyo quite freely: "With-calm-hand-the-opponent-choke-in-so-the-minus-points-just-fly-around-the-ears."

The waving cat Maneki-neko, the angry Kaiju, the fat ass of the sumo wrestler - stack them all into a crazy tower. And see that your friends don't know how to get their Alna Sharyo tram in place. Or another block that they have on their leg right now. The whole thing always goes one after the other! It is crucial that your stuff stays up and that the others use clumsy fingers to unbalance the tower.

Little Tokyo is the start of a new series of Heldbergs games. The rules are simple. What if nobody has time for a match? Then you play for yourself. Or you can decorate your apartment with the iconic figures.

The figures are not only game figures, but also figures to play with. That means you can just play with it, or collect ...

Pre-order LITTLE TOKYO now at
Spiel direkt eG.

Now even bloodier...Yubitsume in the new Extended Edition:

  • More fun
  • More action
  • 1 extra die
  • 2 new game pieces
The game boxes come in 4 fancy color variations (purple, pink, yellow and turquoise). Which color you get is decided by chance.

Osaka's yakuza bosses have a problem. Your people are rotting away, indiscipline is rampant. It can't go on like this! After the latest scandal, it is finally time to take action and apply the best practices. From now on the following applies: Yubitsume ... Every misconduct costs a finger.

Yubitsume means shortening of the fingers. The Heldbergs game takes up an ancient ritual of the Japanese yakuza. In reality it really hurts: Anyone who screwed up has to clip a finger in the presence of the clan boss or cut it off completely. Ouch!

Our game is more bone friendly. The point is to recognize as quickly as possible which of three cubes is unique with its motif or with its number of motifs. If you're too lame or wrong, you're saying goodbye to a finger. If you do everything right, you collect rings and in the end you get the greatest honor.

The rules are extremely simple, and the fun is accordingly high. And if you don't have a finger, you can still use your elbows. Like in normal life. But that's not in the game instructions.

Pre-order YUBITSUME now at
Spiel direkt eG.

At the Spiel direkt eG you will find a unique range of games of exceptional publishers.
Just have a look.

Best regards
the team of the Spiel direkt eG
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