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Dear Customers,

SPIEL Essen is foreshadowed and you can pre-order lots of new games:

Findorff is the new game from Friedemann Friese from 2F-Spiele. In this game you are building up the Findorff the 23 district of Bremen. Build an Engine, manage your resources and adapt your strategie to win the game.

Also from 2F-Spiele is Fancy Feathers a two player game in which you are trying to collect pheasants for the pheasent house of your baroness.

Last but not least there will be a new edition of Formula from Formula Games which will include the expansion.


Bilingual edition (English & German) - including a challenging solo game!

Idea of the game
is one of the 23 districts of Bremen, the hometown of Friedemann Friese. Findorff has three “F”s and is named after Jürgen Christian Findorff (1720–1792), who was responsible for draining and surveying the bog in the north of Bremen, for extracting the peat, and for populating the bog with residents.

In Findorff, the game, you build up the district of Findorff in the period from 1803 to 1916. Historically, six major railway stations stood in Findorff during this period to connect to Hannover, Hamburg, Oldenburg, and Bremerhaven. While three of them were replaced by a single big main train station, you raise the other three rail stations at one of the two main roadbeds. Besides using boats on the peat canal, this small railway helped to transport even more peat from the bog in the north of Bremen to Findorff. During the first half of the 19th Century, peat was the most important commodity for heating the houses and for supplying energy to the industry. In the late 19th century (and in the game), peat lost its importance once when replaced by the energy-rich coal.

The new concepts of Findorff
Findorff offers an economic engine builder with a resource market for peat known from Power Grid and an innovative resource management required when building rail tracks and houses in Findorff. Your focus is on raising the right combination of the 25 historical structures from the period of 1803 to 1916. Do you raise the Reed Chair Factory or the Slaughterhouse to gain a lot of thalers, or smaller structures like Schools, the Beer Hall, or the Peat Skipper Shelter to win the game in small steps. You can even profit from the high mortality rate of this period by running a Cemetery.

Only by adapting your strategy to your structures you honor Mr. Findorff, and win the game when the roadbed to Hamburg is finished.

Pre-order FINDORFF now at
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Bilingual Edition (English & German)

The box sides show the English title FANCY FEATHERS

Idea of the game

In Fancy Feathers, by order of your baroness, you begin to search for noble pheasants for the pheasantry, moving along a path via a simply but really tricky mechanism, collecting valuable cards and avoiding annoying ones. Sadly, you are not alone. Snatch the most beautiful birds to finish the game with the most precious animal collection.

When playing Fancy Feathers, you always choose six of the twelve card types included in the game. Thus, you can play up to 924 different combinations!

The game box contains the components for 2 players.

Fasanerie offers also great fun for up to 6 players.
For up to 4 players you need 2 copies of the game. For up to 6 players you need 3 copies of the game.

Pre-order FANCY FEATHERS now at
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Formula makes maths fun! It is a perfect game for schools, vacations or at home. It is primarily a fun game, but at the same time it has something unique about it: it is a maths game. Children are not aware that they are doing maths; they are just playing a fun game.

The goal of the game is to be the first to get rid of all your cards. To get rid of the cards, a formula (or equation) has to be formed as well as the answer has to be given.

The concept is simple and the possibilities are endless. Whoever is best at math doesn't necessarily win, so it's fun to keep playing.

It includes the expansion set. This can make the game more challenging as it includes negative numbers, fractions, square and square root and more operators so formula's can be made on both sides of the "=" sign. Please note that you do not have to add all the cards of the expansion set. You can for example chose to only add the fractions and not the negative numbers.

Pre-order FORMULA now at
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At the Spiel direkt eG you will find a unique range of games of exceptional publishers.
Just have a look.

Best regards
the team of the Spiel direkt eG
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