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Dear Customers,

we warmly welcome our new member Heldbergs with the stack game Little Tokyo and the memo game Ramen Chef.
Both games have beautiful high quality components made in Germany and will have all eyes on them. A delicacy not only for Japan lovers.
The games will be available in September and you can already pre-order them.


The decor of this game is reminiscent of Volker's great passion: Japan. We translate the name Little Tokyo quite freely: "With-calm-hand-the-opponent-choke-in-so-the-minus-points-just-fly-around-the-ears."
The waving cat Maneki-neko, the angry Kaiju, the fat ass of the sumo wrestler - stack them all into a crazy tower. And see that your friends don't know how to get their Alna Sharyo tram in place. Or another block that they have on their leg right now. The whole thing always goes one after the other! It is crucial that your stuff stays up and that the others use clumsy fingers to unbalance the tower.
Little Tokyo is the start of a new series of Heldbergs games. The rules are simple. What if nobody has time for a match? Then you play for yourself. Or you can decorate your apartment with the iconic figures.
The figures are not only game figures, but also figures to play with. That means you can just play with it, or collect ...

Pre-order LITTLE TOKYO now at
Spiel direkt eG.

Ramen - for us it is a brutally delicious noodle soup from Japan
But for its makers, ramen is the center of an equally brutal battle in a mega-market. Because in the metropolis of Tokyo, chefs compete hard for the best ingredients so that they can fulfill the wishes of their customers. In the new Heldbergs game "Ramen Chef" you are at the forefront of this battle. Because you are one of up to four chefs who run their soup business with sophistication and intelligence in order to become one of the biggest ramen chefs in Tokyo. Your weapon? Your smart head!
In this clever flip memo variant, you can find ingredients together. For this you need a clear head and strong nerves, because so much concentration under pressure is a real ordeal.
Ramen Chef is the second in a series of games created by Heldbergs. It plays with the great love of Heldbergs founder Volker: Japan. It is aimed at adults or families who have fun with new game ideas, as well as design lovers who love and appreciate the unique signature of @chriskillerartworx and Heldbergs. There is only one thing the game cannot do: defeat your cabbage on real ramen. For this you have to stand in the kitchen for better or worse! Try the super hot ramen broth from J.Kinski!

Pre-order RAMEN CHEF now at
Spiel direkt eG.

At the Spiel direkt eG you will find a unique range of games of exceptional publishers.
Just have a look.

Best regards
the team of the Spiel direkt eG
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