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Dear Customers,

We warmly welcome out new mamber Taverna Ludica Games!
Taverna Ludica Games adds twelve new games to our range which are already available.
The seven games in this newsletter are available in English. The other five are German-language versions.
You can find all Taverna Ludica Games here.


In Forestaurant you manage an animal restaurant.Your task is to make the restaurant "Wald und breit" famous. You have to be careful which animals you place next to each other and how fast you serve them, so that the guests leave the restaurant satisfied. Forestaurant is a cooperative board game in which you use your cards to take orders, collect ingredients and prepare meals for each guest. Work together and find out which is the best division of labour, because the guests are getting more and more impatient! And remember, the reputation of the restaurant is at stake!
Your turn in Forestaurant consists of the Event Phase and the Action Phase.
In the Event Phase, you draw the top card of the pile and perform events in the row, that corresponds to the number on the card. At each of the three tables one of the following events executed:
Occupy table, ring bell, lay cloud or guests leave the restaurant.
As soon as the Event Phase is completed and you still have cards left (more than your card minimum), you may now perform actions.
You can occupy more tables, take orders, collect ingredients, or create new ones for your guests cooking.
Your turn ends when you reach the minimum number of cards.
Together you have to weigh up what you want to do and which guests you want to annoy in buy.
One to five players will always find a challenge to upgrade the forest restaurant to more stars.

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What could be nicer than taking your dogs for a walk in the park on a sunny day? No park is better suited for this than the Grand DogPark, because here the dogs can run around freely, together & more dogs start to scratch themselves. Oh no, one of the dogs seems to have fleas and infects the other dogs. You have to quickly gather your dogs together and treat them with anti-flea shampoo to prevent the fleas from spreading further.
In Grand Dog Park your goal is to finish the game with the fewest fleas. To achieve this, you must play your cards cleverly and have your dogs perform tricks to force your opponent to pick up rows of cards (with as many fleas as possible).

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Your status: Member of a special unit. Your mission: defeat the enemy troops. Your equipment: bullets, knife, vest, helmet, money? We really need to work on the equipment, how is your team supposed to win the battle? Use the money you win in the battle to buy better equipment that will be available to your team. Operators has two game modes with three different missions each: Skirmish, Occupation of an object and Hostage Rescue. Each character has a different selection of items to acquire throughout the game, as well as two unique skills that give them special advantages.
Operators is a team game where up to 10 players compete in two teams.
Each of you chooses a character and you choose one of four game modes (Entry, Specialists, Object Capture, Hostage Rescue). The players facing each other will compete against each other. After deciding who will attack and who will defend, you will simultaneously take three tokens from your pouches and evaluate them (damage, armor, healing, money).
The round ends when the attacker stops the fight, the pouches are empty or someone is defeated. Afterwards the survivors buy new equipment from their tile. Depending on your chosen character, there are different options (grenades, new cartridges, first aid kits, new armor, stun grenades, etc.). The new tiles are put back into the bag with the others and are available to your team immediately. Now the next opponents will decide who will attack.
What equipment do you choose or do you cancel your attack before you have collected enough money?

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Dominate the tea market during the japanese Edo period. Collect the tea leaves, sell them at the market and make offerings to the temple to become the largest tea producer in Japan!
In Sencha, you're trying to win the favor of the emperor. You achieve this by recruiting certain workers, building houses in the dominion, and of course and especially by sending tea to the emperor.
Each round you can choose between 5 actions, but you have to plan well, because some actions need preparation in form of another action: You can't build a house without having bought the materials or harvest a plantation without workers.
And tea is what it's all about, preferably Sencha, because tea is rare and cannot be harvested by everyone. So choose your workers wisely and choose the places where you build your houses carefully, because your money is limited and actions are too precious to waste.

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Serengeti: A Race For Life is a game for two players set in the African savannah.
In an attempt to preserve the ecosystem and ensure there is a future for its wildlife, your mission will be to study the animals that inhabit the Serengeti.
In addition, you will be rewarded if lions can thrive in the savannah, as long as you can keep scorpions out of your headquarters!
The game takes place over a variable number of turns called seasons. During each season, players play cards from their hand in order to track animals, or to use their skills.
Players start the game with just a few trails, a card that will allow them to track animals from the supply, adding them to their individual deck to adjust it to suit a particular strategy.
Animals provide them with unique ways to deal with the various threats in the game as well as helping them to efficiently manage their resources.
Animals do more than just produce game effects to rely on during the game however, and are a main source of points.
At the end of the game, victory points will be awarded depending on the players’ deck content as well as majority in the savannah.
The competition track may also tilt the outcome in favour of the player who best achieved to stay one or more step ahead of their opponent!

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In an attempt to revive various sectors of the galaxy, the Alliance forces encounter a number of hostile races who refuse to give up their newly claimed territories. Such situations require military intervention.
Stellar Conflict is a fast-paced card game in which 2 to 4 players can battle fleets of alien ships and fighting to dominate a sector of the galaxy. Choose one of four peoples with their own strengths and abilities, which offer different advantages during to the battle. Now assemble your fleet of ships for battle. Each turn... different ships fire their lasers and use their abilities to destroy the enemy ships.
In Stellar Conflict, you will simultaneously play ship cards from your alien fleet in order to hit many enemy ships.
You can play the game for different lengths of time (30, 60 or 120 seconds).
After the combat phase, your ships will be attacked with their lasers in the order of their initiative fire. Enemy ships you destroy will be placed in your destruction pile. Along with the cargo that you have stolen or been able to secure on your cargo ship, they then your victory points.
Who will emerge gloriously from this intergalactic conflict?

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Don Quixote and his faithful armour-bearer Sancho Panza trot silently on their horses along the barren, dusty path. The hot sun blurs the transition between heaven and earth on the horizon. Suddenly Don Quixote looks up and notices something in the distance. His eyes glow with excitement. "Another giant, quickly, my lance ″, the knight calls to his henchman. "But my Lord, it's only a windmill.″
Tilting at Windmills is a game for two players that puts you in the roles of Don Quixote and Sancho Panza. The aim of the game is to gain the most honour in the form of victory points in the fight against the supposed giants or to make sure that the opponent breaks all his lances first in the fight against the windmills. With so-called step cards you always steer the figures of Don Quixote and Sancho Panza towards each other until an encounter between the two takes place. Depending on where the two meet, either a "Riese″ is fought and lances are broken, or the windmill is recognized as such. For both there is honour in the form of victory points as a reward, whereby fighting the giants earns more victory points.
In addition, each player receives mission cards at the beginning, which earn additional victory points when fulfilled or allow the repair of lances. The back of the game board allows for additional actions when the two figures move.

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At the Spiel direkt eG you will find a unique range of games of exceptional publishers.
Just have a look.

Best regards
Henning Poehl
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