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Dear Customers,

today we introduce a new Spiel direkt eG member with a warm welcome:
ABI Games with the four games which will be available in October. You can already pre-order them.


A surprisingly strategic game for mountain lovers.
Draw your cards in turn and build the largest mountain possible. You can also trap your opponents.
The cards are assembled one by one, starting from the base. The cards of the upper row are then laid, overlapping the cards from the lower row. An upper row can be started as soon as possible, it is not necessary to wait until the base is full. The card laid must be higher than the cards it covers. The maximum number of cards for the base is 10. Each card (except for the base) must lie on two cards both of lower value. Important note: it is not necessary that the card laid be higher than the sum of the two cards it covers.

Pre-order ALTITUDE now at Spiel direkt eG.

There’s a running battle in the Retirement home! The confrontations between the Gang of Kniters and the Gang of the Bakers become a Gangland exe- cution. Don’t be surprised... These Grandmas are the worst villains of this world.
Bad Grandmas is an irreverent trick-taking game for two players. Anticipation and strategy are key to this game, since every trick determines the conditions of the next. Therefore, the players have to think twice about their moves.
Object of the game: Collect the highest number of Cookies by winning as many Duels as possible.

Pre-order GANG DE MÉMÉ now
at Spiel direkt eG.

Le TRUT is a deck of cards called «counter» of uncertain origins which would have been heard of for the first time in the XVIInd century, in the west of France. It would be a descendant of the game called Aluette. Nowadays, it is still practiced by some irreducible at Deux-Sèvres, Maine-et-Loire and Sarthe, as well as in some countries of Hispanic cultures. This game, however very dynamic, is slowly falling into oblivion because of the lack of practitioners. Through this personalized edition, Robin Red Games hopes to give it back its title of nobility and its popularity. The rules set out below are the ones most commonly practiced. However, the alternatives A la Gâtinaise are described in annexes.
Le TRUT contains 32 cards, 14 «Long» tokens (orange), 12 «Small» (black) tokens, and a «Dealer» pawn.
Goal of the game
The goal is tobe the first to get 7 Long tokens.

Pre-order TRUT now at Spiel direkt eG.

In Vertical, you play a mountaineer on an evolving, demanding cliff face, competing against ruthless competitors to climb, which will be a problem since you've forgotten some of your equipment...
The object of the game is to be the highest mountaineer on the cliff, once all the cliff tiles are laid down.

Pre-order VERTICAL now at Spiel direkt eG.

At the Spiel direkt eG you will find a unique range of games of exceptional publishers.
Just have a look.

Best regards
Henning Poehl
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