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New Version of Can't Stop, The Climbers, Arkwright, Carthago
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New Version of Can't Stop, The Climbers, Arkwright, Carthago

New Version of Can't Stop, The Climbers, Arkwright, Carthago
Dear Customers,

today we show you the new games of Captone Games and an Update of Franjos Spielverlag.

New Version of CAN'T STOP
by Sid Sackson

The new version of Can't Stop does contain new graphics and gamerules in different languages. CAN'T STOP is acting like it's named. Who started this exciting crap game, CAN'T STOP! You CAN'T STOP playing, you can't stop risking and go on an inner adventure. The triumph is so close! This game is out of risk, courage and malicious joy.

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by Holger Lanz

Your goal is to climb to the highest level of the mountain. To help with your climb, you may move and rotate blocks. Ladders can be used to climb large distances. Your blocking disk will prevent other players from using a specific block. Use your tools wisely and at the right time to make the best possible moves in your adventure to the top!

Preorder THE CLIMBERS at the Spiel direkt eG.
by Stefan Risthaus

England's Industrial Revolution has brought the opportunity for you to establish your manufacturing company and earn hefty profits by serving the growing demand. Hire workers, build machines, modernize your factories, develop innovative technologies, and produce and sell your goods throughout England. Careful planning and outsmarting your competition will allow you to earn the most valuable stock portfolio in Arkwright, a game of economic strategy and skill. Now includes 80 custom wooden Factory Goods tokens!

Order ARKWRIGHT at the Spiel direkt eG.
by Bernd Eisenstein und Ralph Bienert

Players represent merchants attempting to increase their wealth and power through the use of their influence while improving their status within the Merchant's Guild. Become the greatest merchant in Carthage by loading valuable wares, financing expeditions, and exerting influence in clever ways in this multi-use card game.

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Henning Poehl
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