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Dear Customers,

R & R presents various games, you can preorder before Spiel'17 in Essen starts :
Pyramid Poker,
Dragon Island
In or Out and Artifact Stack.

Pyramid Poker

Author: Aaron Weissblum & Norman Woods

Pyramid Poker

Pyramid Poker is a quick head to head game that takes your ancient Grand-Pharaoh’s Poker to whole new levels. Each player takes turns placing blocks to assemble the pyramid. Once it’s completed, players begin dismantling the pyramid, taking a block each turn as they attempt to create their best 3 Poker hands. Win 2 of the 3 match-ups to be master of the Pyramid!

Pyramid Power can be preordered at Spiel direkt eG.

Number of Players: 1 to 4
Playing Time: 15 Minuten
Suggested Age: 12+

Preorder Pyramid Power atr Spiel direkt eG.

Dragon Island

Author: Keyem Berit, Bill Bricker & Michael Fitzgeraldt

Dragon Island

DRAGON ISLAND IS AN OPEN-WORLD FANTASY EXPLORATION GAME You and up to 3 other players take on the role of wizards cast away onto a seemingly deserted island. Players compete throughout their journey to gain as much treasure as possible, and become everlastingly rich and famous. Discover exotic terrains, build special structures, manage your magical energy and tame dragons! Once the entire island has been discovered, your quest is over, and whoever has accumulated the most treasure wins DRAGON ISLAND!

Dragon Island can be preordered at Spiel direkt eG.

Number of Players: 2 to 4
Playing Time: 1 hour
Suggested Ages: 14+

Preorder Dragon Island at Spiel direkt eG.

In or Out

Authors: Bruce Whitehill und Alfonzo Smith

In or Out

Welcome to the party game where knowing what is not the answer is as important as knowing what is! Each category has 12 cards with names of people, places, or things that may or may not fit the category. Each player, in turn, selects one card from the cards displayed and states whether the choice is In or Out for the category. Correct answers get rewarded, incorrect receive penalties. Round winners collect gold awards. Reach three gold first to win!

In or Out can be preordered at Spiel direkt eG.

Number of Players: 1 to 6
Playing Time: 30 Minutes
Suggested Ages: 10+

Preorder In or Out at Spiel direkt eG .

Artifact Stack

Artifact Stack

Explore the depths of a recently unearthed temple with your friends. Discover ancient manuscripts, statues and treasure by excavating the collapsed chambers. But be warned, they contain not only riches but undead creatures and curses! Each play is different with multiple artifact decks to build your temple!

Artifact Stack can be preordered at Spiel direkt eG.

Number of Players: 1 to 4
Playing Time: 15 Minutes
Suggested Ages: 10+

Preorder Artifact Stack at Spiel direkt eG .

R & R have reduced the price of Spellcaster.

At the Spiel direkt eG you will find a unique range of games of exceptional publishers.
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