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Auch 2017 servieren wir Ihnen wieder feinste Spiele

Dear Customers,

in this Newsletter we present you the new innovations of MUECKE SPIELE AND HAAS GAMES

¡ Adios Calavera!

Food Facts und Genies!

You can preorder the games at Spiel direkt eG.

Bios Genesis 2
Mücke Spiele: ¡ Adios Calavera!
by: Martin Schlegel

Mücke Spiele: ¡ Adios Calavera! Playful get-together of the dead and the living.

On the central Zocalo, the living and the dead meet in a yearly get-together for a grand fiesta.
DThe common dance will lead to the light or the shade and both parties are trying to get there first. The distance a figure may cover depends on the number of figures standing crosswise.
And some figures have special abilities they can use for themselves of others.

Preorder Mücke Spiele: ¡ Adios Calavera! at Spiel direkt eG.
Bios Genesis 2
Haas Games: Food Facts
by: Simon Haas

Haas Games: Food Facts is designed for two to six players aged 10 and up.

Which nutrients do we consume daily in our food? Food Facts offers a playful and entertaining introduction into this topic, and also sparks an interest among people who may normally not care about the subject.
Do hazelnuts or chocolate have a higher fat content? Are there more carbohydrates in rice or potatoes? Does a trout or a pork tenderloin contain more protein? Are cherries or ketchup more sugary? Is there a higher amount of fiber in peas or bananas? Do almonds or honey contain more calories? Is the water content higher in mushrooms or apples?

Haas Games: Food Facts at Spiel direkt eG.
Bios Genesis 2
Haas Games: Genies
by: Simon Haas

Haas Games: Genies is a game for 2 to 5 people.

The players bet for different Genies in six rounds. After all the players gave their bet, the bets are going to be compared. The player with the highest gets the extra points.
The Genies do have different disciplines. Finally you have to reach the most attractive profile.

Haas Games: Genies at Spiel direkt eG.

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