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Dear customers,

KIPP IT by franjos-games is now available.

KIPPIT is a fast and amusing little game of action for two skillful players.

You try to put as many of your cubes as possible onto the higher end of the small wooden seesaw, until the seesaw tips. Some of the cubes are likely to tumble off. Then these have to be picked up by the other player. Whoever gets rid of all his cubes first, wins.

Kipp it Wippe

    Game Materials:
  • 44 wooden blocks in four different colors and sizes: 8 large red, 10 slightly smaller blue, 12 even smaller yellow and 14 small green
  • Wooden seesaw
  • rules book
Kipp it Box Rückseite

WARNING! - Not suitable for children under age of 3 due to small pieces which may present a choking hazard.

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Henning Poehl
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