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Dear Customers,

this is our monthly newsletter for July 2023.

The announced price change for Aeolos from SPIEL DAS! is now valid.

We warmly welcome our new members

  • Korea Boardgames with the games H.I.D.E., King's Pouch, Pile-Up Rush, Yummy Yummy Pancake, Nirvana and Showdown Tactics
  • WiWa Spiele with the games Shiftago and Barragoon

New and now available:
  • Faiyum Privileges from 2F-Spiele
  • Kipp X from frajos Spieleverlag
  • H.I.D.E., King's Pouch, Pile-Up Rush and Yummy Yummy Pancake from Korea Boardgames
  • Make the Difference and Tiger & Dragon from Oink Games
  • Dom Pierre and The Plan from R & R Games
  • Colour Square Ersatzblock from SPIEL DAS!
Available again:
  • The Table is Lava and 1st & Goal from R & R Games
New for pre-order:
  • Islet from 2 Tomatoes Games
  • FTW?!, Freaky Frogs from Outaspace and Black Friday from 2F-Spiele
  • Ark Nova: Marine Worlds from Feuerland Spiele
  • Nirvana and Showdown Tactics from Korea Boardgames
  • Surfosaurus MAX and Lunar Laser Frogs from Loosey Goosey Games
  • Outlook for August:

    There is a sales action from Oink Games: until July 12th you get the games Fafnir, Tomatomato, Zogen, Trick and the Phantom and Mr. Face for a reduced price.

    Expected to be available in August:
    • Age of Innovation from Feuerland Spiele
    • Discordia from Irongames


Idea of the game
With the new privileges gain onetime and permanent advantages to do even more for the good of Faiyum.

The permanent effects change or add to the effects of your action cards, while onetime effects usually offer actions you can use once in addition during your turns.

With these privileges, Faiyum will be even more varied.

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Will it tip down or not? This is the thrilling question with every turn a player takes. Kipp X is captivating and challenging – and yet easy to play. Just place a wooden block on the cross-seesaw and that's it – if it were not for the tipping. Kipp X is a gripping balance game and loads of fun for the entire family or friends!

Order KIPP X now at
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Real or fictional? It's not clear, but in the world of secret agents exists a legendary figure. He never failed any mission, and no enemies who met him could avoid facing death. No matter how trivial missions are, he is the sole agent who carries them through. For this reason, he was given a secret code name: The Legend.

Today the world's secret agents are up to surpass him. However, all of them are well aware that in this field, they are not the only competitors. Therefore, you need to choose wisely. Will you quickly raise your rank by eliminating competitors, or will you safely complete your mission by tightly hiding your identity and gathering money? But as with all things, not only your skills but a good dose of luck is needed to succeed. Indeed, which fate will bring the dice today upon the secret agent that you are?

H.I.D.E.: Hidden Identity Dice Espionage is a spy-themed dice game based on a deduction mechanism. By combining the information disclosed as the game goes on, try to find out other player's identity while hiding your own and gathering intel cards that are displayed in the middle of the play area. Each round you can choose by picking a die if you want to stay in the shadows or if you want to reveal some information about your identity while having the possibility to eliminate another spy. Whoever gathers the most money through intel cards or becomes the Legendary Spy wins.

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In King's Pouch you take the role of a feudal lord in a kingdom divided by internal strife. After the king's death, the powerful dukes and counts of the land are fighting for supremacy. You are one of these nobles, looking to write your name in the annals of history. You will use your citizens to develop your lands, muster armies, and amass wealth. You may even try to secure the goodwill of influential public figures, like the remainders of the royal family. But never forget to keep the dishonest parts of your society in check: Excessive corruption may lead to your downfall sooner than you think. The goal is clear!

But the path you take to get there is yours to decide: Will you be a peaceful protector of the royal family? Or maybe a warlord, taking what you want by force? Or will you fail to fulfill your ambitions and be lost among the anonymous masses? Take up the king's pouch and find out!

King's Pouch is a "pouch-building" strategy game set in a medieval kingdom. Each round offers tough choices on how to expand your pool of citizens and buildings. Using the resources you acquire, you may raise powerful armies or secure the support of powerful characters. In the game, you will use several kinds of citizens (cubes and prisms) in different ways, with the ultimate goal of earning prestige points. Your pool of citizens is represented by your pouch: You draw available citizens from there and return used citizens to the pouch only when you cannot draw any more because it is empty. (This concept is similar to the deck-building concept seen in other games.)

The game takes place over nine rounds. At the end of rounds 3, 6 and 9, a great council allows for the scoring of additional prestige points from influential characters and conquered territories. After the ninth round, the game ends with the third great council and a final scoring in which you can gain or lose points depending on your corrupt officials and buildings, then the player with the most prestige points wins.

Order KING'S POUCH now at
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In Pile-Up Rush, two players (or teams, if you desire) compete to place odd items on a shared platform, trying not to knock the entire pile over. When a player makes the stack fall, the opponent chooses one of their pieces and keeps it, then they play another round. If you manage to place all of your pieces in the tower, then you get to keep one of the opponent's pieces and start another round.

The first player or team to capture four pieces wins!

Order PILE-UP RUSH now at
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In Yummy Yummy Pancake, you're trying to identify pancakes in a frying pan, but were you paying enough attention to know what's there?

On a turn, a player lays out eight face-up tokens in a frying pan, and all other players get to see the toppings on these pancakes. Then the active player attempts to flip as many pancakes as possible. (If they fail to flip more than two, the player can try again. If any pancakes leave the pan, they're returned to the pan face up.)

After flipping, the active player chooses a face-down pancake and a player. If this player can identify what's on the other side, they claim this pancake; otherwise the flipper keeps it. The flipper can continue to challenge players to remember pancakes or end their turn, in which case the next player refills the pan to eight face-up pancakes and takes their turn.

Once the pancake supply runs out, whoever has the most pancakes wins!

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Hey, newbie! Welcome!
The main role of the DDD, "The Department of Difference Development", is making Spot the Difference puzzles!
We want YOU to take some of our premade illustrations and draw in some differences.
But hold on! We don't need to tell you that making it too easy isn't fun, but on the other hand, making it too hard can be a bummer too.
You gotta find that sweet spot and make it just difficult enough to find the differences.
If you find the differences within the time limit, you score!

For everyone that has ever wanted to make their own Spot the Difference puzzle, this is the board game for you!
With your friends, with your family, have some fun together!

(This is the English version of the game 'Make the Difference': game components are language independent; the description on the game box is in English.)

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Unleash a barrage! Strike deep!

The ultimate kung fu showdown between martial arts masters is about to begin. This is "Tiger & Dragon".
In order to defeat your opponent, you must determine which skills you should finish off with and which ones you should use while fighting.
Find out each other's secrets, exploit the gaps, and strike again!
36 numbered tiles, and 2 types of “Secret Arts” tiles.
With just these, playing is simple yet deep and filled with excitement.
You can enjoy a different flavor depending on the number of players and whether you are playing as an individual or as a team.

Based on the popular Japanese traditional game "Goita", but designed in a modern style to make it easy for anyone to play.
A tile game that “can be played 1,000 times”!
 In these 10 primed battlefields , who will survive!?

(This is the English version of the game "Tiger & Dragon": game components are mostly language independent with the exception of 10 battlefield cards which feature English, German, Spanish and French text; the description on the game box is in English.)

Order TIGER & DRAGON now at
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At the end of the 17th century, a French Benedictine monk, in charge of the cellar at Hautvillers Abbey, made an important contribution to differentiate wines from that region.

It became possible to produce wines of superior quality, particularly white wines made from black grape varieties. While Dom Pierre Pérignon initially felt the sparkling of the wine was a negative feature the consequent increase in both quality and quantity created the path that lead to the appreciation and recognition of champagne.

Throughout the 18th century several "champagne houses”, or Maisons de Champagne, were founded, and a new business dynamic grew in the region. These houses replaced small farm and monastery production in leading the evolutionary process of champagne and, either by planting more vineyards or by buying grapes from other producers, they mastered the specialization. To promote their product the houses hired sales agents to take samples of their champagne wines to the Royal Courts of Europe, a crucial factor in generating the glamorous fashion of drinking champagne.

Despite the growth of production, the improving quality, and the increasing popularity, the champagne trade did not reach spectacular rates during the 19th Century. That’s why this game is much more about winning prestige than earning money...

In this game, you are responsible for one of the oldest Maisons de Champagne. You will produce and sell wine all over Europe, even to the other side of the Atlantic. The local economy will be boosted, employment increased and your brand will become universally recognized...

The game flows in a chain of actions that start in your vineyard. You will need to look for continuous improvement, constantly react to your opponents, and optimize your choices to build the most prestigious Maisons de Champagne

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The local Art Museum has a fantastic collection of art. Time to plan a heist! Build your team and send it in to execute the perfect getaway. Of course, other players are sending their teams in at the same time. Gotta act fast and avoid the other crews to make a clean exit!

A clever card management game, easy to learn and fast to play. Simultaneous play with set collection goals.

Order THE PLAN now at
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Spare block for the game "Colour Square"

In COLOUR SQUARE you write the scores of the dice rolls in the matching coloured corners. The first player to reach the total in the middle captures that number field! Do your best to interfere with the plans of your fellow opponents, build bridges between your SQUARES or take on the challenging solo mode. You get to do all this on two different game sheets!
Roll the dice, add up, win!

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The strategic board game with 88 quality glass marbles in three demanding game variations!

To make a line out of marbles of your colour.

Marbles are brought into play by sliding them onto the board from any one of its edges. Any marbles that are already there are simply pushed one space further along; however no marbles may fall off the other side of the board.
By sliding the marbles, the game remains in constant motion – suddenly everything is completely different to how you thought it was.

In the game variations Shiftago Expert and Extreme, marbles have to be removed from lines that have already been formed! This creates spaces along with new possibilities – but also new dangers…

…so dare to take the challenge, and get your strategy rolling…

Order SHIFTAGO now at
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A board game of exciting twists and turns based entirely on strategy with no element of chance. You will love the rich variations and frequent surprise moments when your opponent makes an unexpected move!

Each player uses his skill in manoeuvring his tiles and in tactically placing the cubical Barragoon to capture all his opponent's tiles or to impede their next move. If he has no more tiles left or all of his tiles are unable to move, he has lost the game.

The central element that gives the game its title. Each of the six sides bears a different symbol. Depending on which symbol is uppermost, a Barragoon can be crossed in specific directions (indicated by the arrows) but not in others. The player immediately places the captured Barragoon at a new position on the board that makes life as difficult as possible for his opponent. This enables you to protect your own pieces while at the same time attacking your opponent’s pieces. However, a Barragoon can also be used to keep a specific route clear. But be careful! A couple of moves later you may find that this Barragoon is blocking your own path.

Every time a piece is captured, two new Barragoon are added. Space becomes tight and the risk of getting trapped increases. At the same time, the chances of impeding your opponent's progress also increase.

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As dawn breaks, Mount Kahlualualuau is spewing its fiery lava down onto Meepleville. The natives are frantically trying to escape the rivers of lava and remain on safe ground. Whoever’s tribe survives the eruption with the most meeples shall be the winner!

Order THE TABLE IS LAVA now at
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1st & Goal pits two football teams in a classic gridiron match. Players call the plays using the cards available in their hands. Yardage gained or lost is determined by the roll of the dice. Strategic play calling makes all the difference as to which dice you get to roll for each play. Choosing the right offensive play might get you a lot of yardage... unless the defense sets up correctly to stop it. Fumbles, interceptions, sacks, penalties, deep passes, breakaway runs... it’s all in here.

  • Very easy to learn and play. Cards played show instantly which dice to roll
  • 6 expansion sets for add on sales. 24 customized teams allow league play
  • League play stats tracker and scheduler available online at
  • Playable by both football experts and novices, no experience necessary

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