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Dear Customers,

this is our monthly newsletter for January 2023.

Monster Box from puls entertainment was honored with spiel gut. Congratulations!

Available again:

  • Glastonbury from franjos Spieleverlag
  • Nova from QANGO Spieleverlag
  • Aeolos from SPIEL DAS!
Outlook for February:

From 01. until 05. February Spielwarenmesse in Nürnberg will take place. You can make an appointment with Henning here.

From 1st February 2023 on the prices for several games from Oink Games are going to increase.

Members with a booth are:
  • Heldbergs (Stand D-02)
  • Piatnik (Stand A-10)
  • Helvetiq (Stand C-21)
  • Formula Games (Stand F-17)
  • Brain Games (Stand J-05)

Expected to be available in February:
  • Coral and Peak Oil: Profiteer from 2 Tomatoes Games
  • Terra Mystica EN from Feuerland Spiele
You can place a pre-order here.


In the magical town of Glastonbury, each player collects select ingredients for a powerful potion. Not until the end will all players know the potency of all their ingredients.

Players collect Ingredient cards for the magic potions in turn and put them on their discard piles, the "cauldrons."

In doing so, each player tries to collect as many cards of the same ingredient as possible. However, you always see only the top ingredient card in your cauldron. Therefore you have to keep in mind which ingredients you have already collected. Otherwise, you may be in for an unpleasant surprise at the end of the game because single Ingredient cards in your cauldron count minus points.

In the end of the game, players score for the ingredients they have collected, and the player with the most points wins.

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On the old star map, the constellations are only dimly recognizable — or not visible at all.

Let them shine again in NOVA. Lay your star tiles on the star map so that stars of the same type touch. This earns you points, and on certain spots, you can even score bonuses. On some places on the star map, you can lay only certain types of stars, or perhaps none at all. Opponents want to place their star tiles in good places as well, so keep an eye on everyone's possible moves. Whoever makes the most points wins!

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Welcome to the island kingdom of Aeolos!
The ruler of the winds has invited you to compete with other sailors. Whoever receives the most recognition in Olympus will be accepted as a favorite in the league of the gods. But remember: when sailing, you are dependent on the capricious winds of the mighty Aeolos. Like the legendary Odysseus, make sure that your windbag is always well filled.

In seven harbors you shall establish settlements, build ships and collect sacred crystals. Sail your ships upstream to the temples of the winds to offer sacrifices. Or send your prophet on a journey across the sacred mountain to invoke Olympus and tell of your great deeds. By cleverly combining sailing cards, your ships will set out on their journey. On the way, your windbag fills up. Use it wisely and keep an eye on the other sailors - because on the islands of the winds you are constantly fighting against time.

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